Our influential platform provides online interactive classes and Masterclasses which are designed for your personal and professional development. Our Masterclasses will provide you with a live opportunity to engage in Q&A with our trainer and other enrolled students. All purchased classes will include a recording of the class, which allows unlimited access for 12 months post your purchase.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” Robin Sharma

Personal development

These classes are designed to empower you in your journey of personal development. We will discuss overcoming insecurities, rebuilding your self-esteem. Together, we will redefine the woman within.


These classes are interactive, and provide teaching and training on a specific area. Through the interactive platform, open discussion with other women and the instructor will be available.

Professional development

These classes are designed to enhance your professional growth. You will learn how to build your business plan, start your own business, marketing, and identify tools needed to successfully run your business.


Our certifications are designed to prepare and equip you with the tools needed on a specialized area of focus. Or, you can be certified to teach courses for our online platform.

Mentoring programs

Interested in mentoring? Our mentors will be your accountability partner. Through one on one sessions, we will make sure that you remain on track regarding your goals and entrepreneur/business journey.



  • Personal
  • Development
  • Skills-set



  • Entrepreuner
  • Startup
  • Branding
  • Marketing



  • Financial
  • Credit Building
  • Improving score
  • Savings

Frequently asked questions

Mentoring has been proven to contribute to personal and professional growth. Women of Prosperity offers 3 Coaching Programs: 

IMPACT Mentoring: this session will focus on your personal goals and skills-set. Your assigned mentor will provide coaching and empowerment from an accountability standpoint. Together, we will review your personal development plan, and discuss execution of that plan. 

Entrepreneur Coaching: this session will focus solely on your entrepreneur journey, Do you have a business plan, or need assistance with developing your plan? Does your existing plan need modifications? Or maybe, you’ve reached a place of ‘stagnation’ on your entrepreneur journey. If so, an entrepreneur mentoring session would be your next step. Our mentoring session will provide guidance with starting or continuing your journey. Rather you’re building your business, branding or marketing – we are here to help. 

Financial Mentoring: this mentoring session will provide answers on financial literacy. You have the opportunity to ask specific questions (pertaining to your personal financial state). Mentors are educated on credit building, repairing credit scores, debt management, and more. 

No. Our mentoring programs are 45 minute discussions, which are billed per session. There are no contracts or obligations to continue. If you feel as though you’ve reached your targeted goal, and guidance or mentoring is no longer needed, simply refrain from booking another session. 

Women of Prosperity is dedicated to providing quality resourceful support for our members. Our staff is required to complete a Women of Prosperity certification in preparation to properly serve our members. Idea candidates must exude commitment, dedication, and a passion for service and development. Please contact us to further discuss your interest. 

*Coaching sessions are priced per individual 45 minute sessions*


"Prosperity isn't about money, but being successful in any endeavor. Having a healthy soul, being full of peace, love, and joy is where prosperity comes from. Ashanda is amazing to work with, and so passionate in her craft and abilities to develop and empower others. These classes and the ability to connect with others have been amazing!"
Freyda Sprattling, mSOL
Business Professional
“Prosperity means being in a place of peace, and contentment - both in life and Spirit. The online classes are the best! Received empowerment in one class, and business tips in another. In addition, I had an opportunity to network with other professional women. Holistic development is their mantra!"
Brittiny Clinton
Business Owner, Hairsylist