"You are not superwoman ... nor do you have to be."

Have you ever stopped and said, “Enough!” Like your best just isn’t good enough?! Have you ever found yourself wondering …where will I get the strength to take another step? Honestly, we all have. It is a feeling that will make you feel defeated. It is a space that we dread to experience, but often times we don’t fully understand the root cause or reasoning for why we’re in this. The space of exhaustion. Defeat. Tearful nights. Sleepless nights of wondering, “why can’t I successfully handle  it all?” We try to juggle all 50 plates at once. As superwomen, we’re focused on advancing in my career …maintaining healthy friendships and relationships, …furthering our education, … building a new business … improving our duties as a wife, … being a soccer mom … and the list goes on. Notice, I never mentioned SELF. What about self? When is it okay to take a moment for self? Exhaustion is a sign of an empty cup. You are attempting to flourish and pour into everything else, except yourself. For example, imagine  having a checking account with constant withdraws, but no deposits. This activity will slowly but surely leave the account overdrawn. Exhaustion will do the same.  Know when to selfishly take time for you.

To pour into you. 

To replenish you. 

To heal you. 


You are not superwoman, nor do you have to be. 

Women of Prosperity 


Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

… this is a reminder that we need on a daily basis. We underestimate the power in stillness. Sometimes, you don’t need to make a decision right now; you simply need to be still. That very thing causing you stress will work out. The doubt you’re experiencing will cease. The fear you’re entertaining, release it. Be still. Everything will work together for your good. Remember who is in control.

Women of Prosperity